hp dv6100tx,自己加的触摸屏,装驱动装不上,提示如下: Linux driver installer for eGalaxTouch controller

(I) Check user permission: root, you are the supervisor.
(I) Begin to setup the eGalaxTouch driver.
(I) Extract eGalaxTouch driver archive to /usr/local/eGalaxTouch64.
(I) Create eGalaxTouch utility shortcut in /usr/bin.
(I) Create TKCal tool shortcut in /usr/bin.
(I) Searching the X input modules directory.
(I) Check X window version: 6.9.0 ~ 7.2.0
(I) Copy X module: x69/ to /usr/lib/xorg/modules/input.

(Q) Which interface controller do you use?
(I) [1] RS232 [2] PS/2 [3] USB : 3
(I) Using interface: USB
(I) Found a non-HID compliant touch controller.
(I) Note that the option “Device” “/dev/input/mice” for mouse
should be changed to “Device” “/dev/input/mouseX” to prevent
the mouse driver from reading.
(I) For details, see the document “Driver Guide.pdf”.

(I) Removed eGalaxTouch driver archive from /usr/local/eGalaxTouch64.
(I) Removed eGalaxTouch utility shortcut.
(I) Removed TKCal tool shortcut.
(I) Searching the X module of touch device.
(I) Removed X module.
(E) No X configuration file found. 恳请高手帮助解决