Wine 宣布基于 HTML5 的新一代驱动层

X11 啊、Wayland 啊、OS X 啊,甚至还有 Mir 啊,让开发者很烦恼很烦恼有木有啊!聪明绝顶的 Wine 开发者领先意识到了这一点,就是必须要有一个和平台无关的解决方案,并且他们审时度势地宣布了
这个计划,就是基于 HTML5 的下一代驱动层~

以下是开发者 Jacek 发送到 wine-devel 的邮件原文:

2013/4/1 Jacek Caban <>

Now that besides X11, we also have Mac driver and Wayland it really
close, it’s time to make yet another step forward. The attached patch is
a beginning of new HTML5-based driver. I believe we need this to stay
relevant in tomorrow’s world, where everything moves
to Web.

Most of the code is in JavaScript, which is an obvious choice in this
case. That’s not really new, we already have some JavaScript code in the
tree. It’s also really great, writing the driver was so much easier than
if I had to do that in C!

There are still some missing features. Most notably, it lacks support
for system tray baloons. I believe it should be easy to add using Web
Notification spec proposal, but it’s not broadly supported by Web
Browser yet.

There are some more challenges to have full HTML5 port, but this patch
is a big step forward.

dlls/winehtml5.drv/ | 7 +++++++
dlls/winehtml5.drv/winehtml5.drv.spec | 4 ++++
dlls/winehtml5.drv/winehtml5.js | 36
3 files changed, 47 insertions(+)
create mode 100644 dlls/winehtml5.drv/
create mode 100644 dlls/winehtml5.drv/winehtml5.drv.spec
create mode 100644 dlls/winehtml5.drv/winehtml5.js

同时,Jeremy 宣布现在的 Maintainer —— Alexandre 已经在 Microsoft 找到了一份新工作,
他决定放弃在 Wine 社区 Maintainer 的角色,而由 Jeremy 接任:
2013/4/1 Jeremy White <>

On 04/01/2013 07:22 AM, Ken Thomases wrote:

On Apr 1, 2013, at 6:41 AM, Jacek Caban wrote:

There are still some missing features. Most notably, it lacks support
for system tray baloons.

I know; that’s, like, the hardest thing to do!

In other news, Alexandre has accepted a job at Microsoft. He has
relinquished the maintainer role to me in his place.

I’ve gone ahead and committed this and removed both the Mac driver and
X11 driver as well.



p.s. I expect all future commits to have a comment to code ratio of at
least 10:1; they will be automatically rejected without that change.

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